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In our increasingly busy worlds, the time we spend at home is precious. We therefore want it to be a place of inspiration. We also want easy access to the little things that make us tick – be it a favourite coffee spot, a local deli, a running track or our child’s school. And we want to feel safe and secure returning each day to the one place we can truly call our own.

It is for these reasons that See Studio adheres to the philosophy that great property begins with great land. After all, the place where you choose to build your home will determine the kind of life you lead.

Everything See Studio creates begins with the right location. When adding to our portfolio of apartments and urban residences, our specialty lies in being able to see what a piece of land has the potential to become. And then we make it happen.

Interior design is our passion

We do this in two ways. First, we draw upon our expertise in landscape architecture and interior design to determine how a property will fit into its environment. This intuitive approach to home design allows us to capture and celebrate the look and feel of each piece of land, using natural materials and colours to allow the property to merge with its environment and accentuates its best features. Placing land at the heart of home design engenders integrity: our creations become at one with their surroundings, and as a result, project a real and natural ambience.

Second, we design for those who will want to live in the buildings we create. Putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes, we envisage what they will want from their home. Just as if we were crafting our own retreat, we imagine design elements that will inspire and excite them. And just as we would want quality materials, sophisticated interior design and functional spaces in our own homes, so too do we offer it to our clients. This personal approach ensures we deliver the best of the best for every project we undertake.

Great land, architecture, interior design and the individual – at See Studio, all these elements come together to produce homes that are beautifully designed, offer great value and are destined to stand the test of time.

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